209 Page PDF Book Featuring 150 Interest Activities


** 150 group and individual activities with updated information
** Hundreds of graphics and supplementary resources
** More than 50 reproducible activities to print and use
** More than 1000 occupations categorized by interest area
** Several hundred links to more career information sources
** Revision of the best selling What Do I Like to Do?:
101 Activities to Understand Interests and Plan Careers
** Activities for middle school though adult
** New digital format for greater accessibility and lower cost

Organization of This Book

Chapter 1: Introduction to Interests

Chapter 2: How to Use the Activities

Chapter 3: Measuring Interests

Chapter 4: School Subjects Activities

Chapter 5: Out of School Activities

Chapter 6: Education and Training Activities

Chapter 7: Occupations and Jobs Activities

Chapter 8: Career Planning

 Appendix A: List of Occupations by RIASEC

 Appendix B: Career Resource Links