Assessment Issues for America’s Job Center Staff


Assessment Issues for America’s Job Center Staff

Janet Wall, EdD, CDFI, JCTC, SMMS, NCDA Fellow



This workshop/course is for individuals working in America’s Job Center’s.  It addresses the important issues and ideas you need to know to better serve your clientele in a professional and ethical manner.  It offers 5 clock hours for the CDWP recertification and 4 clock hours for counselors seeking clock hours for the NCC, LPC, GCDF and other related certifications.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • describe the role of assessment in the career development process and how it helps both your clients and employers
  • identify the assessments used in your job center and list what they measure
  • describe the various criteria for selecting the right assessment for your clientele
  • verbalize  and apply the meaning of reliability and validity
  • state the cautions in interpreting assessment results
  • analyze the assessment you use to be sure that you are using solid assessments that can help your clients