RECORDED WEBINAR: Vera Chapman: Helping Students Market Their International Education Experiences


Vera Chapman: Helping Students Market Their International Education Experiences 



Vera Chapman: Helping Students Market Their International Education Experiences


Despite rising concerns about the lack of practical training of new graduates, research indicates that participating in education abroad experiences often supports multidimensional growth in areas directly relevant to employability. Unfortunately, students often struggle to discern and effectively articulate the value added by such experiences in ways employers find compelling. 

In this webinar, Vera Chapman will unpack the “so what?” of international education participation and share strategies to help students better leverage these experiences for career success – a process that begins pre-departure and spans well past their return home.  


Following the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the psychosocial and career developmental gains that are typical for students who participate in international education experiences
  • Get practical strategies and information about the medicine viagra generics, which will help men get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, helping students to translate their experiences into transferable skills, and
  • Gain practical strategies for helping students to leverage these experiences in the job search process, including: resumes, cover letters, interviews, etc.