Veterans’ Career Development: Serving Those Who Have Served


Veterans’ Career Development: Serving Those Who Have Served 

Sarah Minnis, PhD Human Resources Development



Veterans’ Career Development: Serving Those Who Have Served

Sarah E. Minnis, PhD is the CEO and Principal Consultant at Anthology Consulting LLC. She has over 20 years of career and organization development experience with 8 years working specifically with veterans and the organizations educating and employing them. As a recognized expert in veterans’ career development, Sarah has published and presented nationally and internationally on her experiences and research with veterans. Through her ongoing work in veterans’ career development she has developed a program of support and education to help college and employment communities understand the value of the veterans they serve.

Sarah currently serves as the research and publication representative for the Veterans Knowledge Community within the NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and as a member of the steering committee for the Scholar Practitioner group within the Academy of Human Resource Development.  Sarah’s work has been published by both organizations as well as with the University Forum for Human Resource Development and the National Career Development Association. Her work on providing veteran-centric learning environments was featured in Called to Serve: A Handbook on Student Veterans and Higher Education.

Sarah E. Minnis holds a PhD in human resource development from Texas A&M University, a master of arts degree in education and student affairs from Western Kentucky University, and a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from Central Washington University.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  The purpose of this course is to offer skills, knowledge and resources to career counselors, coaches, and career and academic advisers on how best to help returning military. Career services professionals need to understand and assist this special group as they enter the world of education and the civilian world-of-work.  Course must be completed within 45 days. 

This course is a comprehensive look at the issues related to education, employment and transition of the returning military member. It will give you an insight as to what it is like to serve in the military, the various integration difficulties they encounter, and potential contributions a military member can make to the US economy when they work in the civilian sector. For career and workforce counselors and coaches, it will help you serve your military clients and students with greater understanding and skill.


After completing this program participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the characteristics of the population of returning veterans.
  • Understand and remove barriers limiting veterans’ access to career development resources.
  • Engage sensitively and competently with veterans.
  • Evaluate current resources and strategies for effectiveness in career advising with veterans.
  • Create resources and practices that enable veterans’ sustainable employment success through advising.