RECORDED WEBINAR: Networking for Introverts by Wendy LaBenne


Networking for Introverts

Wendy LaBenne, MEd, Counselor Education

Master Career Counselor (M.C.C.), Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified, National Certified Counselor (N.C.C.), Strengthsquest Facilitator



Networking for Introverts by Wendy LaBenne

As career development professionals, we can inform our clients about the virtues of networking to find the best opportunities; however, some clients with whom we work find this task daunting at best and petrifying at worst. 

This webinar will focus on what career development professionals can do to help clients who are not networking naturals develop this skill and become experts.  During the webinar, participants will learn the unique strengths and challenges of introverts and how to integrate those into an effective networking strategy for the client.  The webinar will look at common thoughts hindering clients from initiating networking skills. Additionally, participants will learn networking techniques and tools that will appeal to their more introverted clients. Our time together will provide a venue for career development professionals to discuss our best practices with this population and obtain additional resources to inform further on the topic.


As the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Identify the unique strengths and challenges facing introverts
  • Receive networking techniques that introverts may find appealing 
  • Obtain further resources on this topic