Senior people attending business is proud to offer you an array of multimedia courses in career development.  Below is a brief description of the courses.  At the end of the page there is a link to learn more details about each course. Except where noted, you have 30 days to complete the course requirements. The course is available to you via Internet at any time day or night to suit your personal schedule.

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We offer the following courses:

Using the MBTI in Career Counseling, Coaching, and Advising: Moving Beyond the Basics. This course extend ones capability in using the MBTI with students and clients in career development and self understanding. It presumes basic or introductory knowledge of the MBTI types. (5 clock hours, $160)

Assessment Issues for America’s Job Center Staff. Covers the various aspects of assessment as it related to clients in America’s Job Centers. Offers 5 clock hours for the CWDP recertification and 4 for counselors working in job centers and using the clock hours for recertification of the LPC, NCC, GCDF, and others ($135).

registerOccupational Information for the Career Advisor. Covers the various components and search strategies of O*NET Online. The skills you will learn will help you provide solid career decision making information to your students, clients, and customers. (4.5 clock hours, $97) 

registerWorking in the Green Economy. Learn about the green economy, the kinds of green occupations, and how to find green jobs. Access several resources provided for your use with students and clients. (4.5 clock hours, $90) 

registerInterests to CareersCovers the Holland theory and uses various activities to teach students and clients about their interests and how they relate to careers. (3 clock hours, $70)

registerBecoming College and Career Ready — Multiple Pathways to Success. What is college and career ready?  Why is this important to the US? It is important for you to help young people thrive in this world through solid education and multiple avenues to success. (4 clock hours, $80)

registerHidden Gems. This course takes you through 44 interactive web tools and related resources that you may not have discovered.  These gems will provide you a wealth of new resources for your career development tool kit. (12 clock hours, $250)  Course must be completed in 60 days.

registerSelecting the Right Assessment.  This course covers the basics of assessment in a non-technical way. You will have some readings, listen to a video, and analyze a set of testing standards discuss how they might apply in your work. Learn what you should consider when you are thinking about using an assessment with your students, clients, and customers. (4 clock hours, $85)

registerWinning Strategies for the Mature Job Seeker. Older job searchers face pre-conceived ideas, biases and perceptions in their job search that other populations have not had to overcome. This course helps to prepare the career professional to work with the older candidate. (3.25 clock hours, $80)

registerBest Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Career Development Services. Leverage this fastest growing social media tool to engage your students and clients, promote your career center or private practice business, and provide career development resources. (6.5 clock hours, $100)

registerRealistic Career Decision Making: It’s More Than Passion. In career decision making, a person’s interests and passions matter. But decisions based largely on passion may result in careers with low wages and poor future outlook. Uninformed choices of majors and educational institutions could result in wasting financial resources and time. This course offers several factors to consider and tools to use when helping students or clients make an informed career decision. Be smart about it. (5 clock hours, $115) 

registerCareer Development and People with Disabilities: Understanding Disability First! Covers the basic understanding of disability and the implications of the federal laws for career services practitioners. (5 clock hours; $130)

registerLabor Market Information for Career, Workforce, and Academic Counselors. Learn why labor market is important for career and educational development, planning, and management. Practice using the resources that will help you find pertinent information. (4.5 clock hours, $100)

audio graphic registerHelping Clients Redefine Retirement The purpose of this course is to provide career counseling and coaching professionals with retirement career counseling theories and practical strategies to help clients find meaning and purpose in retirement. This course focuses on career and lifestyle retirement planning, not financial planning. (6 clock hours, $150)

audio graphicregisterFundamentals of Career Development Theories.  This course will review traditional and emerging career development theories, models, and strategies. Using these models and strategies, the course develops participants’ abilities to work constructively with students and clients to build individualized career plans. Participants will develop/enhance their knowledge of career development theories and enhance their skills in applying these theories with clients. (4.5 clock hours, $110)

audio graphicregisterVeterans’ Career Development: Serving Those Who Have Served. The purpose of this course is to offer skills, knowledge and resources to career counselors, coaches, and career and academic advisers on how best to help returning military. Career services professionals need to understand and assist this special group as they enter the world of education and the civilian world-of-work. (9 clock hours, $198) Course must be completed within 45 days. 



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The courses are all online, and require Internet access (high speed is preferable) and ability to read MS Word and pdf documents. You will get best performance using an updated browser; Chrome and FireFox work best. Most courses require the ability to hear audio and see video.  They are self-paced, but each has an expiration within which the course must be completed. Except where noted, you have 30 days to complete the course requirements. You will receive access to the course (s) when payment is received. Materials in the courses are copyrighted and are for your use during the course only.