RECORDED WEBINAR: Herky Cutler: Non-Traditional Assessment Tools That Rock!


RECORDED WEBINAR: Herky Cutler: Non-Traditional Assessment Tools That Rock!



RECORDED WEBINAR: Herky Cutler: Non-Traditional Assessment Tools That Rock!

WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Learning about our students and clients and helping them learn about themselves is a critical part of the career development process. The more we can find out about an individual through assessment, the easier it will be to develop a career plan with that individual or help them in a career transition.

While there are many excellent formal assessment tools available to career development practitioners, employing informal or non-traditional tools often elicit important and sometimes surprising nuances about clients and students through new and non-threatening ways.

Your webinar presenter will share with you four tools that are free for you to use in your work. They have proven to be very successful in engaging clients and helping practitioners get a much deeper understanding of what their clients value, what their interests are, and what they are passionate about.

Participants will be given and learn how to use 4 non-traditional assessment tools involving music, photography, self-examination of strengths, and visioning. These tools can help pivot a person who is flailing in the job search or blocked in their career success or stuck in transition to a more hopeful, optimistic, and realistic position.


After the webinar you will be able to:

  • Implement these new tools with your students and clients in the career development process
  • Critique the effectiveness of these tools with your clientele
  • State how these tools offer ways to identify student and client interests, skills, and goals for the future.